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Our Week in the Forest... 

This week the children have proved themselves as the next generation of free thinking environmentalists!

We have long discussed the impact of waste and plastic on the environment with the children and they have always shown great care and concern for the living things that exist in nature. They have been particularly persistent in initiating adventures where we go off to collect waste from the forest.

Now the children are taking this a step further and have been discussing the different materials that we find in the forest and creating their own recycling centres. They went off to collect rubbish and then cleaned it and made their own collages that represented the impact it has on animals. Images of animals eating rubbish were created and messages to the wider world were written in an attempt to teach everyone how to look after our planet more!

Barnes 12:07:2019 1.jpeg

The children extended these ideas around sustainability and taking care of our environment through further creative activities! They used different found materials, including recycled plastics and card, to make their own 3D models of different sea creatures. Turtles were the most popular and the children spent hours taking great care to make the shell, body and legs! They discussed how turtles are endangered and how we need to help save them by looking after nature. They also made signs saying, “Save the turtles!”

The creativity also spread to making things for the animals that we could see in the forest. Some children created a special bird house for our resident robin in camp. They used sticks, leaves, mud and string to make an amazing tree house! It had a platform, bedroom, swing and zip line so that the bird could have lots of fun in the forest just like us!

We would like to thank all the parents who came into the forest this week and got stuck into some fun with their little ones!

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Little Forest Folk