Barnes - Welcome to Little Forest Folk Barnes!

Our Week in the Forest... 

What an incredible start to Little Forest Folk Barnes!

The children have been truly amazing! They have surprised many of the parents with their confidence and ability to settle in to life at Little Forest Folk. Some parents have even had to call their little one back to the door to get a cuddle and a kiss goodbye on their second day!

Positive relationships have naturally formed between our happy, confident children. They have begun to learn each other's names and can already be seen playing cooperatively, taking turns and sharing resources and moments together.

This week has seen the children become obsessed with all sorts of physical activities! Some have been climbing the trees with incredible agility and balance and even created their own tree house using the planks! Others have been balancing precariously over "crocodile bridge" shrieking if they lose their footing - SNAP! The swings have also been very popular this week - the children are already testing their boundaries and taking risks to go higher and higher and higher. The children could be seen flying through the air as calls of "Batgirl", "Busy Bee" or "Supertato" rang out through the trees.

Adventure walks have started this week too. Children would request "beach" or "river" and off we went. We strolled through the meadow grass taller than the children and raced down the hill to Beverly Brook. On the way we stopped to admire the abundance of minibeasts in the bushes. We found iridescent beetles, spiders, ant hills, beautiful butterflies, slugs, leaf bugs and an incredible Scarlet Tiger moth!

As we arrived at the river we had a picnic snack on grassy banks before walking down to the muddy beach for some river wading, where the children explored texture and sound as their wellies squelched and squelched through the mud and water!

We can't wait for next week to see what exciting things will happen, and once again a HUGE welcome to Little Forest Folk Barnes!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Little Forest Folk