Barnes - Story Scribing and Forest Crowns

Our Week in the Forest... 

It has been so lovely this week to see some of our new friends becoming more settled in the forest. Our newest Little Forest Folk-ers' have got stuck into some super fun role-plays running away from some scary bears (usually one of our educators!) and then putting the bears in prison. We had lots of cosy dens set up in the forest this week which inspired lots of family inspired role-play with mummies, daddies, babies and even a grandma! The happy families have been cooking up some yummy cake mixtures using mud, leaves and water and have been very busy stirring up their delicious mixtures. We also had lots of games of hide and seek which really helped us to learn all the nooks and crannies of the forest and also practise our counting to ten!

This week we were given lots of new books and the children have really enjoyed reading all our new stories. Some of us were so inspired by our new books that we decided to write our own stories in our story scribing book. We wrote some super exciting stories in the book with characters including elephants, pine cones and dinosaurs (of course) and with lots of trees that kept toppling over. We then acted out our stories on our special stage in the log circle and the children did a brilliant job stomping around the stage and showing off their amazing acting skills.

Barnes 13.09.2019 Collage1.jpeg

We got very crafty this week and made some amazing forest crowns using paper, double sided sticky-tape and leaves. We cut strips of paper and then chose some special leaves and twigs around camp to stick to our crowns, We then carefully cut twine and attached it to our crowns so we could wear them for the rest of the day. Some of us went even further and made some forest bracelets and even some stickers using double sided sticky tape and leaves. The children developed some lovely role-play using the stickers, pretending they were at the dentist and they were getting a special sticker for being brave!

This week we have seen the children become amazing artists, using paint and and feathers, sticks and leaves as paintbrushes. There was also lots of mark making using chalk and the children used lots of the forest as their canvas, including the planks of wood from the trolley and the tree stumps in the log circle. The children got even more creative with the wooden planks, propping them up against the climbing tree and sliding down. This sliding game entertained the children for almost a whole afternoon, as they climbed up the tree and slid down over and over again. It was so brilliant to observe the children challenging themselves physically in the forest and developing their balance and coordination.

What a fun and creative week! We can't wait to see what fun next week will bring.

Barnes 13.09.2019 Collage2.jpeg

Little Forest Folk