Chiswick - A Robin's nest

Our Week in the Forest...

Our week started with one of the children bringing in a robin’s nest he had found at home. This was a really lovely opportunity to talk about why baby birds aren’t born in winter. We were able to explore up close how the nest had been made, with so many different elements weaved together, including bits of moss and feathers.

Our Literacy skills have also been in overdrive this week with so many of us showing an interest in writing letters and making marks. We have been busy creating our own books, using bits of paper tied together, drawing pictures and attempting to write words or having an educator dictate our story for us. It was also lovely to see how much our drawing skills have improved as some of the children attempted to draw their own self-portraits.

Chiswick 11:01:2019 1.jpeg

We pushed and carried logs and branches through the forest this week as we got creative in building different structures. On Tuesday we made a car, heaving and rolling heavy logs around the forest to be the engine, seats and steering wheel. On Wednesday, we found lots of branches on our adventure walk into the forest and carried them to our base to turn into the most marvellous den. With a leafy roof, we set up a kitchen underneath and cooked on a log fire, turning out pasta, marshmallows and whatever else our friends desired. On Thursday, we entered the forest to find Rachel had made a pirate ship, complete with a working sail! We enjoyed taking turns to pull up the sail in order to head off on adventures to find treasure using our own hand drawn treasure maps. 

We can’t wait to see what adventures await us next week!

Chiswick 11:01:2019 2.jpeg

Little Forest Folk