Chiswick - Abundance of Adventure walks

Our Week in the Forest...

With such glorious sunshine, we have been enjoying an abundance of adventure walks. One morning was spent in the allotment picking up the tiny apples to help the gardeners with this "bothersome" chore. With buckets and a task to complete we had lots of fun seeing who could collect the most and comparing the different sizes!

There was also some much-needed watering of our plants to do and we worked together to carry the very heavy watering cans across the garden. We were very upset to see that our lettuces had been munched and talked about what might be eating them before covering them with netting to give them a chance to grow. The gardeners showed us the sweet peas that were growing and we smelt the white and purple flowers and felt the fuzzy texture of the peas. The allotment gave us the chance to do some more hefting, lifting the buckets to see which were heavier. We then constructed our own scales in the forest to measure which stick, rock and bucket of mud was "heavier" or "lighter". 

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Letters and numbers are being spotted everywhere! From the grates on the ground, to our clothing, the lampposts, and the signs around the forest. The children are eager to point out the ones they know and are even beginning to represent some letters in their writing and with sticks in the grass. We have shown a lot of interest this week in writing our names. Some of our older children are more than capable of writing their own name and have been focusing on letter formation and shape, while our younger children have shown a real interest in seeing their name in print and having a go at copying the letters.

We hope you all have a wonderful sunny weekend! 

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