Chiswick - Exploring poetry!

Our Week in the Forest...

This week the children have been exploring poetry and learning to rhyme. This has been incorporated into our story scribing and helicopter story sessions led by the fabulous Amie! Our Little Forest Folk-ers start by coming up with a first sentence, which they write down, with an educators support. Then, they reply with another sentence with the goal of making it rhyme, writing down the second sentence to make a little poem. The children came up with all sorts of different rhyming words, just like "and then it gets dark, in the park!" The children were great at creating poems and once they had made their rhyme, they then decorated the paper with drawings and some fantastic artwork! 

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The children turned into athletes this week taking on an impressive A-frame obstacle created by Rachel. The children were encouraged to climb up to the top of the rope ladder, and then over the top to descend on the other diagonal side. The children were all fantastic at taking on this challenge and we even had our brand-new settlers conquering the challenge as well. Each week we like to change the physical obstacles that we provide in the forest and it is always exciting watching our Little Forest Folk-ers problem solve and gain confidence.
We have also been very creative this week... making boats from tree bark, string and leaves! This activity was initiated when one of the children noticed an area with a lot of tree bark on the floor. They began to collect the bark together and brought it over to show Kellie. After having a discussion about how to make a boat, it was suggested that they could search the forest for additional resources so that the boats could become more decorative. Once everything was collected, the children built their boats with support from the educators and used them as small world props for their imaginative play, following the theme of Wednesday’s ‘International Speak like a Pirate Day’.
We cannot wait to see what next week brings and we hope you all have lovely weekends!

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Little Forest Folk