Chiswick - Forest poetry

Our Week in the Forest...

This week we have been enjoying poems with the children and Amie thought it would be only right to create a wonderful poem for our newsletter this week!

Rain on trees,
Rain on the leaves,
Rain on the green grass
And rain all over me!
Thunder high in the sky
Lightening I can spy
With my little eye
Counting together
Phew! Its far away from me!

Chiswick 01:06:2018 1.jpeg

We found a stag beetle
Who seemed very regal
Sitting up nice and high
Pointing his pincers to the sky
We all said hello
Before letting him go
Back into his wooded bungalow
Painting colours everywhere
Creativity in the air
We paint on leaves
We paint with sticks
So many colours
That we can mix

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you all next week!

Chiswick 01:06:2018 2.jpeg

Little Forest Folk