Chiswick - Glitter fun!

Our Week in the Forest...

We have had a glorious four-day week in the forest, with lots of special activities to fill our mornings and afternoons back at the Hogarth Centre. We have particularly enjoyed making sensory bottles, choosing the glitter, sequins and water beads based on our own designs. What an exciting and colourful activity! Our Little Forest Folk-ers enjoyed doing some puzzles, working together to match and fit together the pieces, beginning to recognise where the shapes and colours match and line up. The children had an opportunity to create their very own water colour paintings, a different experience to our usual paint as the colours move across the page and blend together. It was lovely to see our walls decorated with such vibrant wonderful creations!

Chiswick 31:08:2018 1.JPG

We took a special trip to Waterstones to spend a book voucher given to use by one of our school leavers. The children ventured out in small groups to share some stories and choose some new books for the nursery. As so many of our children love to hear stories both inside and outside, it is always a real treat to choose some new books for our collection. We know we will be reading them again and again! It is also a treat to set off somewhere new and less explored which leads to new discussions about what we saw, heard and smelt along the way. We talked about the church bells ringing and how they sounded like “Big Ben”, smelt the roses that had an odour of honey or maybe, lemon as well as the lavender. We also spotted the sunflowers at the flower stall on the high street and couldn’t resist stopping to smell them.

We were treated to a special treat this week as the children created their own flower bouquets in the forest after being inspired on our outing, using the branches they found lying on the forest floor. They looked and smelt wonderful!

Chiswick 31:08:2018 2.JPG

Little Forest Folk