Chiswick - Imaginative play

Our Week in the Forest...

We have had a wonderful Stay and Play week in the forest. Each day has been very different and the children have enjoyed a variety of activities from reading books, engaging in imaginative play, collecting stones in buckets to use on our pulley systems, hunting for bugs and trying a range of new physical challenges. It has been really lovely to see our parents engaging with the children in the forest and encouraging their play alongside their peers. It was very hard at times to tell who was having more fun, the children or the parents!
The children are really enjoying our new bug hunting equipment and have collected bees, centipedes, worms, ants, spiders, beetles, leopard slugs and wood lice. We have spoken about treating the insects carefully while we observe them up close and how it is important to put them back in the forest, returning them to their homes.

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This week we have continued our hard work in the allotment, making a few trips to the garden to plant some cucumbers, courgettes and rainbow carrots. It is wonderful to see how excited the children are to go to the allotment and spend some time planting, digging or watering. This week we have had great conversations about which vegetables grow under the soil, such as carrots and potatoes and which grow above, like our cucumbers and tomatoes. It is a great opportunity for the children to see what the vegetable seeds look like before they get put into the soil and to be able to observe where the food on their table comes from and how it grows!
We hope you all have had a wonderful week too and we hope you enjoy this lovely sunshine over the weekend!

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Little Forest Folk