Chiswick - nature art

Our Week in the Forest...

This week we have been busy bees in the forest with a range of different projects. At the beginning of the week the children were busy creating nature art. Within a square stick frame the children collected and used a range of natural materials including stones, sticks, leaves and pinecones to create their own image.

It was lovely to see their focus and attention to detail as they worked hard to create a design. Some of the children gave meaning to their picture, talking about the different parts and what they represented while others just enjoyed the process of making shapes and patterns.


Later in the week we were busy developing our crafting skills again. This time we explored clay, rolling and patting small pieces into different shapes and designs, adding some natural materials and talking about our actions and creations as we worked. A part of this process included hunting for forest treasure to use in our designs, the children always enjoy a quest... who knows what goodies we might find! Our treasure this week was mainly made up of stones, leaves and sticks which the children took great joy in adding to their designs.

It was lovely to see so much creativity in the forest this week and to see the children’s pride in their hard work, often returning to the process to add more or make some changes over the course of the day.

We hope you enjoy some sunny weekend adventures!


Little Forest Folk