Chiswick - Circus

Given the fuss about men in childcare... we have 6 men, all fabulous at what they do! :-)

Given the fuss about men in childcare... we have 6 men, all fabulous at what they do! :-)

On Monday we had our first nursery outing. We enjoyed a lovely afternoon at the circus watching different circus acts. The children particularly liked the act with the horse who jumped through the fire hoop. It was some of the children’s first time visiting the circus and we’re glad they’d shared their first circus visit with us.

After the circus we found a shaded spot under a tree and had a picnic with popcorn and bananas.
We had some photographers come in on Tuesday and they took some fantastic shots of the children engaging in the outdoor environment.

The children made their own snack on Tuesday afternoon. We made a fruit salad with melons, bananas, pears and oranges. This encouraged the children to eat the fruits as it’s something they’ve made themselves.
When entering the forest in the mornings, the children have found faces in the trees. They wondered where they came from and made up stories about how the tree man faces were feeling.

He’s a bit sad because someone just poked his face.

We all started to make our own tree man faces and made characters out of them.

Some of the children wanted to make forest collages. They took objects they had found in the forest and stuck them on their paper plates. We spoke about the texture of the different objects on the plates.

The grass feels soft and the stick feels rough.

The sweet chestnut tree flowers have been falling all over our meadow area. We used the flowers for making ‘forest bling’ such as bracelets, rings, necklaces and head bands. We also used the flowers for counting, cutting and making little homes.
Arturo brought spray bottles that we filled up with water on the hottest day of the year. We sprayed plants and each other to keep cool.
As we’ve had the sun shining all week, we decided to make ice lollies from bananas and water. The children took turns mashing up the bananas and mixed them in with the water. The children saw the transformation of the liquid tuning into a solid and enjoyed their ice lollies in the sun. We will be making more ice lollies next week.
To end off the week the children wanted their faces painted. The children had the choice of being whatever character they wanted. Arturo painted their faces for them and they children role-played their characters.

Becky our cookery teacher has prepared a sour dough mixture for us. Every day the children have been adding flour and stirring the mixture to keep the mixture alive. We will then bake the mixture to make bread and the children will get to eat their homemade bread. 

Next Week in the Forest

Next week will be the first week of our summer camp :-)

Our topic will be on Pirates. We have exciting activities planned, some which include making golden coins and going on treasure hunts!

A Reminder to Families 

When the weather gets really hot like it’s been this week, the children do not need to wear their waterproofs. High visibility vests are sufficient. We recommend children to be dressed in clothes which cover their legs and closed toe shoes.
A guide as to what children should wear:

  • One pair of comfortable trousers
  • One t-shirt
  • One pair of socks
  • Closed toe shoes

Please label your children’s items to minimize risk of loss.

Thank you for your ongoing cooperation.