Chiswick - It's me

It's me

It's me

Our week in the forest

We spoke a lot about ourselves this week. The children have had the opportunity to talk about their lives at home, their families, their emotions and their appearances.

We used the emotions flashcards to talk about happy, sad, excited, surprised and scared emotions. Looking at the pictures of the different emotions on the children’s faces in the pictures opened up a conversation about personal emotions.

When my mummy leaves I feel sad.

We asked the children about their bedrooms and what colours the walls were.

My room is black; I have black walls.

The children spoke about what toys they had at home and what toys were their favourite.

I have a rocking chair in my room.

We looked at ourselves in the mirror and drew pictures of ourselves in the ground using sticks. We also did self-portraits on paper using crayons and painted paper plates to make our faces.  Recently the children have preferred to use sticks over paintbrushes to paint.
We used a polaroid camera to take photos of the children and handed the children the pictures of themselves to talk about what they could see. The children waited for their pictures to show up on the instant film.

It’s me!

The children got to take their photos home and we will do more of these next week!



On Thursday afternoon, the children decided to make a house of bricks for the three little pigs. They then wanted to build a house made of leaves and a house made of sticks.

We can use these three little sticks to be the pigs.
I’m going to take these home so I can play this game in my garden. I don’t have many sticks in my garden.

There was a drama being shot at Chiswick House. Our children seemed interested to watch what was happening.

Their costumes are really nice, the dresses are beautiful, everyone looks different.
The ladies in the dresses are very pretty.
When this is finished will we get to watch it on T.V?

Next Week in the Forest

For the next two weeks our topic will be Autumn. We will be looking at the changes in the environment, autumn colours, pumpkins and Halloween!
Manuel will be transferring to another Little Forest Folk site to expand his knowledge of the different areas. Manuel made this decision before going on annual leave. He will come in to say bye to the children and will explain to them that he will see them sometimes rather than every day.
A guide as to what children should wear:

  • One pair of comfortable trousers
  • One long sleeve shirt
  • One pair of socks
  • Wellies
  • Waterproofs 

Please make sure that your children have their labelled high visibility vests and sun hats in their bags as they wear these on warm days.
Thank you for your ongoing cooperation.