Chiswick - Queens birthday

Exploring cause and effect in the forest

Exploring cause and effect in the forest

This week in the forest we have been investigating sounds to help children explore cause and effect.

We used various different resources and props to hear the different sounds the items make.
We used pots, pans, wooden spoons, tubes, sticks and bowls. (Some children decided to take the bowls and sticks and “fry sausages” instead, yum!).

This experience taught the children to pay attention to the changes in sounds, for example they noticed that when they made a noise through a tube, their voices sounded deeper.

We made our own trumpets using cardboard tubes and shakers using recycled bottles and filling them up with stones. We had fun decorating our musical instruments using paints, and our creative musical experience became an art activity too, discussing colour mixing and textures.

Dressing as the Queen

Dressing as the Queen


This week was the first time we used a hand-saw in the forest. The children helped cut the cardboard tubes in half to create our trumpets, using the saw with adult supervision.

This activity enhanced awareness in safer tool handling, as well as developing fine motor skills.

The children gave themselves a more complex physical challenge this week, and helped tie ropes in between trees to make a rope ladder. They had fun climbing up the ladder and wobbling the ropes. It was great to see some of the children's balance and coordination in action!

We used a tyre and some ropes to put up a swing, and the next day used a log instead of a tyre, as initiated by the children. It's amazing what you can do with a few ropes! 


We’ve enjoyed dressing up as the Queen and making teas and coffees for our many tea parties we’ve had this week whilst celebrating the Queen’s Birthday.

Next Week in the Forest

The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring music and sounds, so we will be carrying out the same topic next week.

We’ll be focusing on nursery rhymes and their actions, sounds and emotions and music and routines.

Some of the children are still very much interested in the book Supertato so next week we will be reading and looking more into the book 'Supertato- Veggies Assemble.'

A Reminder to Families

We had some rain this week which caused some of the children’s backpacks to get wet.
The next day the items in the bags were still wet.

As you know we play in puddles and water so it would help if the spare clothes in your child’s backpack were dry - we recommend putting these in ziplock or plastic bags.

Please try and pack only essentials needed in the forest. We don’t want our children carrying bags that are really heavy.

Also, please ensure the backpack you provide is of a good size, too big can be hard to carry, too small can not fit all essential items.

Putting on a wet/damp waterproof must be uncomfortable to wear as I can imagine. We recommend waterproofs not to be washed every day. Washing with detergent or with warm water will take away the waterproofness. Putting them on a cold wash without detergent or even just giving them a wipe is fine.

Drop Off
Parents please aim to be at the Piccolo centre in the morning by 8:50am as we must leave promptly at 9am.

If for some reason you are running late, it would help to make sure that your children are dressed in waterproofs on arrival.

Here is a suggested Spring kit list for what your child should wear in the forest.

  • Comfortable bottoms, i.e. leggings or tracksuit bottoms, not jeans
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Thin jumper
  • Fleece zip-up or jumper (preferably without a hood to fit under waterproofs)  
  • Socks
  • Warm wellies
  • A thin hat for early mornings and a sun hat for sunny days
  • Labelled rucksack
  • Labelled water bottle
  • Labelled spare trousers & socks (more than 1 set of each plus underwear if potty training) 

Please label your children’s items so as to minimize risk of losing items.

Thank you for your cooperation, have a lovely weekend!