Chiswick - Transport

Transport in the forest

Transport in the forest

The children have enjoyed taking part in transport related activities this week.  We’ve looked at rockets, cars, buses, ships/boats and even animals used for transport.  

At the beginning of the week we made rockets using cardboard and tape. We played a game focusing on targeting and used straws to blow the rockets into the pot we were aiming at.

We took cars out into the forest, the children decided to take them and roll them in the mud and puddles. They played a game with each other where they pretended their cars were stuck in the mud. It was lovely to hear them ask one another

Do you need some help?

The children have initiated a lot of role play whilst looking at different types of transport.
We had set up a bus in the forest which soon turned into a ship steered by pirates. Whilst steering the ship one of the children said,

AHOY! we have to get past the river.

The children were provided with ropes. When they were asked what they were going to do with the rope, a child responded with

I want to put it around my horsey – it’s not a horsey it’s a donkey.

So a group of friends went off to tie the rope around a log and ride on their horses.  

Risk taking with the support of friends

Risk taking with the support of friends

 During the afternoon whilst the younger children were sleeping, the older children chose to play a game. They used a bit of material to blindfold an adult and guide him around the forest. They really enjoyed taking lead and being responsible for making sure they didn’t walk the adult into a tree!
We used a big hessian mat to make a den in the forest. It was the children’s idea to put it up and use it as a supermarket. They offered for sale every product under the sun at prices none of us could afford.

Next Week in the Forest

We will be carrying on with our transport topic as the children are coming up with great ideas and seem to be enjoying it.  And we will also be talking briefly about Ramadan and Eid.

A Reminder to Families

Pick up and drop off at Piccolo
Thank you for respecting our request of not entering Piccolo during pick up and drop off. The children feel a lot more comfortable this way.

It would be nice for parents to upload pictures of exciting things your children have done at home or on the weekend. We would love to see these and speak to the children about their experiences.

Dressing for the weather

The weather should be warmer next week.  A guide as to what children should wear:

  • One pair of comfortable trousers (jogging bottoms or leggings)
  • One t-shirt
  • One fleecy zip up jacket (in a backpack just in case)
  • One pair of socks
  • Wellies

Please label your children’s items to minimize risk of loss.