Chiswick - we visited the allotment

Our Week in the Forest...

 With a bank holiday on Monday it has been a short week in the forest. On Tuesday we visited the allotment to show Karina that we had been taking care of it while she was busy getting married. Congratulations Mrs Sherwood! We were surprised to see how many tomatoes had turned red since last week and enjoyed having another taste to see if they were as good as last week. They were! We were also shocked by the courgettes which had doubled in size and were ready for picking. We steamed some to have with dinner and they were super tasty!!
On Thursday we were busy finding a new site to set up base camp. Having the freedom to roam around Chiswick House and Gardens allows the children’s curiosity and sense of wonder to grow, and the gardens provide us with an ever changing environment to explore! The children are looking forward to settling in to our new base camp and seeing what the space has to offer.

Chiswick 01.09.jpg

Creativity knows no bounds for the Little Forest Folk, as a simple game of noughts and crosses was given a forest twist. Noughts were replaced with acorns, and crosses became daisies as the children made grids from sticks and blades of grass and held a noughts and crosses competition – LFF style! 

As August comes to an end we have been saying our goodbyes to many of our holiday campers and forest friends who are preparing for school. Although it is a very sad time to see these beautiful children leave, it has also been a happy time of celebrating the individual journeys that the children have been on and reflecting on how far they have come and how much they have grown. We wish them all the best at school and look forward to welcoming many of them back as holiday campers in the years to come!  We have also begun to welcome some new faces to the forest and are excited about getting to know some new friends.

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Have a lovely weekend!

Little Forest Folk Chiswick