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Our Week in the Forest...

 As educator’s at Little Forest Folk Chiswick, we feel incredibly lucky to have the privilege of spending our days admiring and developing our children’s character, curiosity, candour and courage. However, we must remember that behind every young child who believes in themselves is a parent who believed first. That’s why all throughout this week we have been thrilled to invite the parents of our children to join us in the muddy meadow, so that they may share in the delight that we experience each and every day.
Stay and play week has seen the children’s spirits soaring high, excited at the opportunity to give their parents a real mud, sweat and cheers induction to their forest wonderland. Each morning, five lucky parents have found their way to our base camp, following the sound of pure elation and wonder that emanates amongst the trees. With myriad activities and experiences to lose themselves in, the children have taken the reins and led their parents on memorable and immersive woodland journeys. From what we have seen this week, it seems that the children have been able to teach their mums and dads a few lessons in how to delve into nature head on, how to be fearless and take risks in the face of uncertainty, and how to expand and grow alongside the flora and fauna of the forest. Who would have known that we have such talented painters, narrators and expeditioners raising our inspiring group of explorers? The reason our children see so far is because they truly stand on the shoulders of giants.

The parents visiting the forest has been just one ingredient to a whimsical week in the woods. When left to their own devices, the children have charged into exploration hand in hand. The teamwork in the forest this week has brought about a cohesion like no other. The children have worked together every day to arrive at destinations where everyone is free and welcome to enjoy the result of collaborative conquests. Den building has been incredibly popular this week, with teams of children digging deep and communicating expertly to gather resources, erecting the most homely and inviting of shelters. We’ve also seen the children synchronising their efforts and working as one to pull chariots filled with the tree stumps needed to bring their shared blueprints to fruition. But what’s hard work without equal amounts of play? The group took breaks from hauling timber to give each other rides around the clearing, laughing all the way.
Finally this week, the children have been racking their brains as to how they can use what nature has provided, to create and build a whole host of wonderful props and resources. With Storm Doris having uprooted a large tree on the outskirt of the meadow, the children decided that we could make the best of the situation by putting the wood to good use. With bow saws, drills and hammers and nails at the ready, the children got to work on measuring up what they needed. It wasn’t long before the sawdust was piled up and the real work could begin. Now well versed in the safety of tool use, the children worked carefully to further sharpen and fine tune their DIY skills. Our master builders have made everything from medals to abacuses and ladders. After following the children’s lead this week, it’s safe to say they really are the masters of their own destiny.

Food in the forest:

Our March food in the forest can be found HERE 

Cheese and chia seed hedgehog biscuits
Who doesn't like a biscuit shaped like a hedgehog? Made with Extra Mature Cheddar and Grana Padano cheese. These biscuits have an interesting crunchy texture, so much flavour and are full of protein!


Team Update:

Some of our Big Forest Folk started their Level 3 Forest School Training last weekend, the team have relished the opportunity to grow and develop their forest skills ready to share with your little ones.

Here's a few snaps of the training in action:


We hope you have a wonderful weekend full of adventure!

Little Forest Folk