Chiswick - obstacle course

Our Week in the Forest...

It was with great delight that our children bounded back into the forest this week eager to play in the mud and see their friends again. The forest flourished with imagination as the children played together cooking up a storm and heading off on adventures. On one of these adventures, the children climbed aboard a log boat parked in the river bank and headed off to explore. “I’m the driver, here’s your cup of tea, we may be on here for a while.” They travelled to Africa to pick up a salad before heading off to Ireland and then onto India!
One of the children stumbled upon dirt with a clay-like consistency and discovered that when put in a cup and turned upside down, small “mud castles” remained. Quite quickly the forest floor was covered in little castles and they discovered that not all mud makes good sand castles as some of them crumbled apart.

Chiswick 04:01:2019 1.jpeg

We also enjoyed some painting in the forest using old egg cartons. The children chose their paints and mixed the colours together to see what happened. “If you add blue and green into red it might turn into black.”
We had an amazing obstacle course set up that involved balancing across logs and a rope slackline, standing on one leg, crawling under a tarp and climbing up a rope ladder. The children bravely made their way to the finish where they got to hit the metal gong to let everyone in the forest know they had made it.

We’ve had a great start to the New Year and we’re very excited for the adventures that 2019 will bring!

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Little Forest Folk