Chiswick - Obstacle rope course

Our Week in the Forest...

This week our forest has been filled with holiday campers and the return of many familiar faces. The children's imaginations have run wild as they engaged in role play together in all corners of the forest. They have also undertaken rather elaborate projects such as building their own bridges and making their own fires, working in teams to haul the largest and longest logs around the forest to place them exactly where they need to go.
Our adventure walks have had us covering every corner of the park and revisiting some of the favourite spots of the children who left us for school last September. We even went searching for terrapins on the lake! However, with no terrapins in sight we decided that it wasn't warm enough for them to be out sunning themselves on the lake.
We've had new obstacle rope courses set up in the forest this week which have tested our balancing and climbing skills. This had us problem solving how to transfer our bodies from one course to the next as we navigate through the trees to continue the course on the other side.

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One evening after tea, we enjoyed choosing and chopping up our own fruit to have with yoghurt. With all our practice of preparing morning snack in the forest, we demonstrated confidence and mastery in our use of knives to cut bananas, plums and to peel our own oranges. After all the hard work of preparing the fruit, we thoroughly enjoyed eating it! 
On the swings this week, we have been practicing how to swing ourselves higher by using our legs to kick out and push back. This challenge was taken up by the children who spent the entire morning taking turns to master this skill, showing real determination. They also showed great listening skills and team work, as they waited patiently for their turn, encouraging each other when it was their friends go!
We look forward to seeing our sessional day children back in the forest next week and look forward to what our week brings!

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Little Forest Folk