Chiswick - Settling into our new forest!

Our Week in the Forest...

Settling into our new forest!

A new adventure has started for all our brand new Little Forest Folk-ers who have joined us this week! It has been so exciting welcoming all the new children to our nursery and supporting them in discovering their new surroundings. The surroundings are also new for our older children as we moved site in our Chiswick House forest to make sure we’re not damaging our beautiful environment and letting the ground recover, which meant a week of new surroundings for all our little explorers! It has been great to see how brave all our new starters have been and there have surprisingly been hardly any tears in our forest!

The start of term also meant a return to Kew Gardens on Monday! The children were so excited to see our superstar bus driver Simon after not seeing him all summer. The new children were especially excited to ride on our super cool animal decorated bus. It was great to get back to Kew and the children had an awesome day enjoying the sunshine and all the ancient and characterful trees Kew has to offer!

Chiswick 06:09:2019 1.jpeg

One highlight of the week in terms of activities has been painting. We’ve had the fantastic Gemma, one of our floating Playworkers, in to support us this week, and there was an awesome moment when spontaneously a little art class broke out and the children began to paint fish guided by one of our books. The children were all sat with their paper propped on logs like easels and all in a semicircle around their subject (a large book with 3 large fish) to inspire our little artists. Gemma could be seen running around the forest finding props and resources to support her little art class. At one point, it felt like we were back at art school walking past a fine art studio! The moment highlighted the fantastic contribution our supporting staff provide to our sites at Little Forest Folk! Talking about superstar staff, we also welcomed our lovely new Educational Lead Georgia and our new Third in Charge Tania this week! A week full of new faces and fun!

We cannot wait to see what next week brings and hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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