Chiswick - Using Our Senses

Our Week in the Forest...

What a busy week in the forest. We have been enjoying a wide range of books, with The Rainbow Fish being a particular favourite. The fish sharing his scales led to some interesting conversations about helping our friends and being kind. We have also been using our senses to explore the environment, smelling different plants and using language to describe each new fragrance and talking about similarities and differences.

The children used the pulley system this week to transport all sorts of woodland treasure, recognising shape and weight and developing mathematical language – bigger, smaller, heavier, lighter, more and less.
We have also welcomed some new dinosaurs into the forest with us this week. Thankfully they were the play variety so we didn’t have to worry about getting trampled on! With Otis’ help the children designed and built an entire village for the dinosaurs to explore and play in. This included a house, a playground and a dino- diner. Sam then took on the voice of the dinosaurs so that the children could check if our new friends were enjoying their new home and ask them questions about how old they were and where they came from.

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Thursday was a busy day with a special visitor from Ofsted. As always, the children were very welcoming and equally keen to show her around their base camp and tell her all about what they had been doing. She was treated to a master class in mixing colour, producing a magnificent array of paintings, mud soup with leaves lovingly prepared in the mud kitchen and was even invited to join in on the climbing tree! Looking forward to seeing you all again next week for another busy week.

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Little Forest Folk