Fulham - Christmas Trees!

Our Week in the Forest... 

This has been an extremely eventful week in the forest filled with lots of different activities. Monday was a bitterly cold day where sleet fell almost constantly throughout. This was challenging even for our hardiest children, however the discovery of two small snowmen leftover from the weekend created lots of excitement. The children thought about why they were so small, how they might have changed since the weekend and why that might have been the case. As the day went on and the weather worsened we headed for the indoors. In the education centre the children made the most of lots of different art activities – painting pine cones, playing with play dough and when we got back to the tennis pavilion it was so exciting to decorate our Christmas tree.

Tuesday was a lovely day; cold but sunny. This meant we spent the day following the sun around the gardens ensuring we stayed warm. Not only did we have lots of fun following the sun, the highlight of the day was the ice skating! As the rain from Monday had frozen overnight, creating some amazing skating rinks and the children slid on their bellies, backs or did their best to stay upright as they skidded in their wellies. Again, there was a great opportunity to discuss how water can have different states and for the children to see how the puddles they had splashed in the previous day had completely changed, helped to consolidate this.

Fulham   15:12:2017   1.PNG

As the week went on and the weather warmed a little, the puddles turned back to water and the splashing began again. The ‘Muddy Olympics’ was just as exciting to watch as it was to take part in. It started by seeing who could make the biggest splash and how we could do this. The children decided the higher they jumped the bigger the splash. They then decided if more than one of them did it at the same time the splash would be even bigger. The next stage was to take a run up; we created a start line and the children took it in turns to run from wherever they set up their line in an attempt to score the perfect 10.

Fulham   15:12:2017   2.PNG


Have a lovely weekend!

Little Forest Folk