Fulham - Colours of the Forest

Our Week in the Forest... 

The colours of the forest this week have been incredibly vibrant with sharp frosty mornings. We have been observing how the natural world is making these beautiful transformations. To support these discoveries, we have been playing some games which involve a whole array of colours, some are familiar and some more challenging. With the help of the rainbow bird that lives in our forest the most beautiful coloured discs have been magically appearing among the trees which the children have been finding and collecting. We were really impressed with how their knowledge of colours has developed, not only could they name most of the colours, they could also gauge whether they were light or dark shades - from greens to pinks, gold and silver and a few unusual ones like lilac and magenta. 

Fulham  17:11:2017  1.jpeg

This has been just one of the activities this week. We have also been focusing on sharing, caring and taking turns! Many of the activities, games and resources have been organised in a way that has encouraged the children to explore the ways of playing cooperatively. These are really important life skills for younger children and through discussions of what it means to be a good friend our Little Forest Folkers have been shining examples of children who are kind and considerate. We have seen them compromising, negotiating, sharing resources and inviting each other to take turns!

Fulham   17:11:2017  2.jpeg


Have a lovely weekend!

Little Forest Folk