Fulham - experimenting with colour

Our Week in the Forest... 

It’s been another wonderful Stay and Play week at Fulham, with so many parents and younger siblings joining us for a morning in the forest. This week our forest has been full of colour, the children have been busy experimenting with tie dye, water colours, chalk and coloured ice. 
Every day this week the children have been creating their own tie dye t-shirts. The children were given their white t-shirts and then chose how many elastic bands they would like to wrap around it to make their unique design. Next the children discussed the different colours they would like to use and their favourites. Some used a very careful technique when applying the colour, others poured the colours on the table before rubbing their t-shirts in it and some squeezed the colours all over their t-shirts, observing the colours as they mixed together on the material. It was great to see the children so confident and enthusiastic to try something new. The t-shirts were then left to soak and later washed and the next day were finally ready to wear. The children were so proud of their designs and looked absolutely amazing in them, definitely a new trend is coming to Fulham!!
On Wednesday, some children wanted to create England flags for the football. We used the watercolour paints to create these. The children began to ask lots of questions about other flags so we looked up various flags such as Australia’s, Ireland’s and Argentina’s for the children to also copy the flags. The children showed lots of curiosity about everything we do in the forest, always asking lots of questions. Then the children went on to design their own flags depending upon which country they wanted to support!


Fulham 13:07:2018 1.jpg

The children love using chalk around the forest, to write and draw on the trees, logs and stumps. They are very good at talking about what they are drawing such as lions, fire, castles, sharks and rivers. We discussed how the drawings in the nest look like cave drawings which led to some role play with the children pretending to be cave men living in the cave.
The Stay and Play in the forest has been amazing this week, it is always a pleasure to have so many parents visiting for the morning. The children delighted in sharing the forest with their parents, showing them around, making their best cups of tea in the mud kitchen and encouraging them to climb the trees... It is great to see the children so confident in explaining their day-to-day activities to their own and other’s parents, along with ensuring they were all following the ‘forest rules’, reminding their younger siblings the rule of ‘no picking, no licking’. 

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Little Forest Folk