Fulham - Early spring feeling :-)

Our week in the forest

The children have brought an early Spring feeling to the forest this week through the blossoming of their friendships, the colourful ringing of their laughter among the trees and the growth of their imaginative play and learning in the nursery.


Every day this new found confidence and awareness has supported our little forest folk in discovering new and fascinating ways of engaging with the resources, from the ways in which they negotiate Manuel’s spiders web to combining the different areas of learning.
On every adventure a deeper curiosity has developed;

Where have all the nuts gone from the sweet chestnut shells?

Where did all the ‘catkins’ come from? Or are they all caterpillars sleeping until the Spring?

Why are all the squirrels the same size? Where are all the baby squirrels?

These are just a few of the questions that you will be presented with, so prepare for some imaginative answers!!



The forest floor has continued to offer us with a plentiful supply of raw material for practising with our hand tools. With increased understanding and greater control and coordination there have been some stunning creations this week…

Cut a piece from a fallen branch, drill a few holes, add some smaller sticks, drill more holes in some wooden discs, add them to the smaller sticks.  And suddenly we had the fastest racing cars in the world! Or snow ploughs! Or buses! :-)

We realise that all our children are now in the possession of a palm drill so apologies if your living room table is transformed into an intergalactic spaceship over the Christmas holidays.
It has been such a pleasure for our team to observe the forming of these wonderful relationships with their friends, how they explore the natural environment so much more confidently and how they value cooperation and sharing. The children are fully embracing the opportunities around them and have truly taken ownership of their ‘outdoor classroom’.


Christmas Party

We had such a magical time and we hope you did too!

We had such a magical time and we hope you did too!

It was so lovely to see lots of you at our Forest Christmas party on Monday! 

Mincemeat fundraising

Thank you all for your generous donations, through our mincemeat sales we have raised enough to give 49 homeless people a place at Crisis this Christmas!


The first day back next term is Tuesday 3rd January, we look forward to seeing you all then!

Little Forest Folk will be closed on Friday 6th January for an inset day. No children will be attending on this day, it is time for staff planning and training.

We require annual consent to be given for all children to be transported in our Little Forest Folk minibus. If you have not yet completed our consent form can we ask you to complete the form as soon as possible (please check your email). The form is very short and won't take longer than a couple of minutes.

What to wear

Do make sure to start off the new year adventures dressing your child warmly in layers, hats and gloves.

Check out our recommended winter kit list.

Only 2 sleeps until Christmas!

Only 2 sleeps until Christmas!

Please check your child’s backpack as they will have received a Christmas card from us all at Little Forest Folk and we thank you for all your support this year and wish you all a lovely festive holiday.
Looking forward to seeing you in the New Year!

Merry Christmas

Little Forest Folk