Fulham - Four seasons in a week

Rain, puddles then blue skies!

Rain, puddles then blue skies!

Our week in the forest

We had four seasons in one week at Fulham, with rain and puddles on Monday, and blue skies with bright sun on Friday.

The weather itself is such a wonderful learning resource for the children, and through observation, discussion and questioning, the children make discoveries and form opinions about the world around them.

The puddle has dried up because of the sun, but we still have a muddy kitchen!

The puddle was popular throughout the whole week, even when the water evaporated and only mud remained. The children had a variety of different shaped and sized vessels to transport the water and mud,  and they used measuring tapes and ropes to calculate the depth of the puddle and where it was deepest. Using rocks, ropes and sticks we went fishing, then cooked up fish pie in the mud kitchen.
The educators played some organised games with the group this week, such as Whats the Time Mister Wolf? And Hide and Seek. The children particularly loved "What's the Time Mr Wolf" and chased each other (and Marlon!) around the forest when it was DINNER TIME! We also had a dragon hunt, using tweezers as dragon tooth extractors, nature detective sheets as maps and magnifiers as special dragon glasses!  We sadly didn’t find the dragon, but did find some ‘dragon eggs', and had many conversations about where the dragon might live, and what he might eat.



Our children participated in mixing up our magic mincemeat for our Crisis Christmas fundraiser - visit https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/LittleForestFolk for more information or to donate.

Each jar will be filled with delicious handmade mincemeat, complete with wishes from all the children...That’s what makes it so magical!  We also enjoyed making fresh fruit salad, learning how to use knives, graters and peelers and enjoying our yummy creation.
Adventure walks were a-plenty, especially in the dusky afternoon sun. The children were feeling particularly energetic at the end of most days so they raced one another, shouting Ready, Steady, GO. Needless to say, they were much faster than their teachers!
We were creative with projects later in the week, making an ice cream shop with the magnetic shapes, and selling different flavours to our friends. 

We also did some printing on tree cookies with Marlon. The children were inquisitive throughout the process, collecting leaves and flowers small enough to fit on their tree cookie, and listening to Marlon’s instruction with baited breath. We will introduce more tools now that the children have settled into the forest site and daily routines.. We can’t wait to show you our new skills, and maybe bring home some fantastic forest creations!


Christmas Party
Monday 19th December
LAST CHANCE to RSVP for our Christmas Forest Party... if you've missed our invite or would like any more information get in touch with Carly: carly@littleforestfolk.com or 07707 545913

Stir it up fundraising
The children had lots of fun helping to mix up our huge batches of mincemeat this week, we will be selling our delicious jars of mincemeat to raise money for Crisis homeless charity this Christmas, to support us or find out where to collect your jar.


Little Forest Folk will be closed for Christmas between 26th December and 3rd January.

If you missed Leanna's latest blog post you can read it here: Why we're not sending Jack to school yet - One last hurrah!


Here is the link to our Justgiving page to buy a jar or two of our magical mincemeat made with teeny tiny hands.  Read more about Stir it up - Fundraising for Crisis

What to wear

The weather next week is going to get colder as we head for December. Children should be dressed in lots of layer with plenty of spare clothing.

Check out our recommended winter kit list.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Little Forest Folk