Fulham - Mud pies

Our Week in the Forest... 

The combination of mild autumnal weather and rainfall has provided our Little Forest Folk with the perfect conditions to stock up their mud kitchen with ingredients and allowed us to unearth the fascinating world below our feet.
Worms have been of particular fascination throughout the week as we have discovered that they like to come to the surface when the ground is wet or following on from some rain, presenting themselves in all shapes and sizes. The children have been observing their movements, counting and measuring them, discussing what they eat and of course sprinkling a few on their mud pies!!

Fulham 29:09:2017   1.jpeg

Cause and effect has also been a theme this week. The effect of multiple children on the slackline or climbing on a branch has provided opportunities to talk about why things happen. This has also involved using their problem-solving skills when the children have wanted to change the property of something to achieve a particular result, such as making the rope bridge less wobbly by securing more ropes, and we can assure you that their knot tying skills are phenomenal!!
This week saw the start of our weekly cookery classes at the Tennis Pavilion with our very own cookery teacher May. The children were absolutely engrossed in the process, from learning about the different ingredients to seeing how it all finally transformed into their very own mackerel pate.
Along with some new faces this week we have been filling the forest with giggles, excitement and of course plenty of mud.

Fulham 29:09:2017   2.jpeg


Have a lovely weekend!

Little Forest Folk