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Our week in the forest

It rained, it poured and the old man snored this week as we had a ball in the wet weather!
After a night of heavy rain, the children were thrilled to find several big puddles on the walk in the next morning. Needless to say, a walk which usually takes ten minutes took significantly longer, thanks to the allure of enourmous puddles!  Happily, the children put their wellies and waterproofs to the test, racing each other across the puddles splashing everything in their wake.
The learning opportunities brought about by the rain are endless, and in many ways, wet weather is more fun than sunshine!  We spent our rainy days building shelters and dens, measuring rainfall at our weather station, listening to the pitter patter of raindrops on the tarp above our log circle, spotting worms in the mud, making mini waterfalls, rivers and ponds, and experimenting with float or sink. A couple of our educators ended up covered in mud too, as some enthusiastic children threw buckets of water in the air and realised that what goes up, must come down.

As well as rain, the beautiful Autumn morning frost greeted us each morning, and the children excitedly observed the frost disappearing underfoot with each step.
The children are still actively getting to know the forest site through exploring the plants and getting to know the animals at Fulham. We have been impressed with the children’s fine motor skill development, and how confidently they have been using the tweezers and handy scoopers to find treasure.

Fun in the forest

Fun in the forest

As well as fine motor skills, the children have continued their gross motor skill development and creativity with one of our favourite (and timeless) resources - the humble rope. We have seen snakes and rivers, wavy oceans and skipping ropes, as well as more tug-of-war and boundary games.
Our Little Forest Folk have thoroughly enjoyed our Autumn/Winter menu so far, with soup being such a hit that most children are eating second and third helpings! Each delicious soup contains over half of the recommended daily intake of veg, and combined with a fresh wholemeal or granary roll, you would think LFF is a Jamie’s Italian!
Next week we will bring more ropes into the forest to use for pulleys, swings and balancing. We will also bring out our parachute to play with, and enjoy what’s forecast to be a fine and sunny week.


Christmas Party
Monday 19th December
Invites for our Festive Forest Party will be coming out early next week.
We're so excited! Do remember to RSVP.


Keeping warm
Please make sure your little one's are wearing plenty of layers. They also need to wear their hats and gloves and bring lots of extra clothing packed in their backpacks. Our recommended Winter kit list in full is below.

Spare LFF clothing
Our spare clothing box comes in especially handy in the chilly months. We would welcome any donations, so please do have a rummage through your cupboards for any old clothes to donate - particularly leggings, socks, gloves & hats.

What to wear

The weather for next week is going to be chilly but hopefully bright with no rain. 
Check out our recommended winter kit list.

We wish you all a lovely weekend!

Little Forest Folk