Fulham - Superheroes

Our week in the forest

Our superheroes returned to the forest this week for more adventures, they encountered invading pirates that had sailed across the lawn, secret caves among the trees and discovered magical wands on the forest floor..


Imaginative play and storytelling has transformed our forest school into a captivating place throughout the week where the children have been strengthening their relationships and extending their role playing.
We have had the most amazing stories during our snack times with the children choosing the main characters and settings for each of the stories, including owls, witches, sharks, fireflies, giraffes and all manner of fruit, and of course not forgetting an odd dinosaur!!

The tree swing was particularly popular this week so we constructed a rope bridge to further support the children’s physical development, particularly their balance and coordination. Although a little tricky at first they soon rose to the challenge and negotiated the rope with incredible concentration, our aim is to now incorporate a slack line into the setting.

The children have also been developing their knowledge of shapes and geometry through experimenting with the magnetic tiles, resulting in some remarkable creations from ice cream making machines to space rockets that heading into outer space to collect some green leaf cheese for our lunch..

Fun in the forest

Fun in the forest

Additionally this week we were fortunate enough to have a film crew visit the site to document the children at Fulham for a LFF promotional video that will be available to see on our website, we will let you know once it has been completed and ready to view, how exciting.   


Stir it up fundraising

There's still time to reserve your jars of mincemeat via our Justgiving page!

There's still time to reserve your jars of mincemeat via our Justgiving page!

All proceeds will go to Crisis to help the homeless at Christmas.

Jars can be collected from Cuckoo Hibou on Wednesday 14th December 4-6pm, you'll just need to let us know to reserve one for you.


We have been busy planning for our Christmas Forest Party on Monday 19th December and look forward to seeing you there!

Reminders will be sent out next week,  any questions do contact Carly: carly@littleforestfolk.com

Please do all note that Little Forest Folk will be closed on Friday 6th January for an inset day which is a time for planning and essential staff training.

What to wear

Keep those ears and little fingers toasty in hats and gloves.

Check out our recommended winter kit list.

Only 16 sleeps until Christmas!

Only 16 sleeps until Christmas!

We hope you have a great weekend.

Little Forest Folk

If you’d like your little one to spend some time with us in the forest before they have to go off to big school, then do get in touch with lisa@littleforestfolk.com as we have some available places at our Fulham nursery.