Fulham - Tree surgeons

Our Week in the Forest... 

It has been a beautiful week with the children arriving to camp to find it still wet with dew and sparkling with bright morning sunshine.

Our loose parts collection has been put through its paces with a huge variety of constructions from 'Pirate Ship Battle Canons' to 'Race Cars' and 'Forest Fairy Thrones' up in the trees. Our older children showed off their knot tying skills to string up intricate spider webs in the 'Nest' and it was fascinating to hear the conversation, delegation and negotiation taking place as others joined in.

Fulham  23:08:2019 1.jpg

Great excitement arrived in the form of two tree surgeons who enthralled our campers with their display of tree climbing, rope work and chainsaw skills to trim branches from a nearby oak tree. This sparked a fantastic discussion on plans for future careers and also role playing as tree surgeons themselves. Afterwards the surgeons kindly left lots of fresh logs and branches for us so that the children had an abundant supply - it will go to great use as building materials and green wood for using with tools. Throughout the week we have been using a whole array of forest tools with which the children have been creating watches, necklaces, cookies for painting, model animals and mallets.

Our full day children have continued their end of day explorations by visiting the bank of the Thames, investigating more of the Palace indoor spaces and putting on singing and storytelling performances for each other.

We have loved having some of our September new starters visiting for orientation days. Even though summer is beginning to draw to a close and we are saying goodbye to friends we are so excited for this fresh start and all these new faces! We hope you all have a lovely long weekend!

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