Fulham - Tie-dying fun!

Our Week in the Forest... 

It’s been another wonderful Stay and Play week in Fulham, with so many parents joining us for a morning of fun in the forest. This week our forest has been full of tie-dying and mud, the perfect combination to ensure all the parents left not only with some nice memories but also a part of our forest during their stay!

Every day this week, the children have been creating their own tie-dye t-shirts, something that is definitely in fashion this year. After watching a few demonstrations, the children took their white t-shirts and chose a selection of elastic bands and pegs for making their unique design. Some needed a helping hand whereas others were determined to twist, knot and tie their t-shirt up as tight as they possibly could. After they had placed on their gloves the children decided upon which colours to use, sharing the dyes to ensure everyone could use a wide selection for their designs.

Some used a very careful technique when applying the colour, others poured the colours on the table before rubbing their t-shirts in it and some squeezed the colours all over their t-shirts, observing the colours as they mixed together on the material. It was great to see the children so confident and enthusiastic to try out new ideas, and discussing how they thought their final design would look. The t-shirts were then left to fix and later washed ready to be revealed the next day, and wow how amazing they all looked. The children were fascinated by how their designs looked and couldn’t wait to have a little fashion show. Without any doubt, our children will be setting the Summer trend throughout Fulham this year!

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The children have also been inspired by all the storytelling this week, with almost everyone wanting to write their script for our Helicopter Story sessions; It is noticeable how increasingly complex their storylines are becoming, often influenced by their experiences throughout the week. They have also been listening to some marvellous ‘forest’ stories during our circle time such as ‘How the snails got their shells ’and ‘Where does lighting and thunder come from’, unfortunately these are not available in bookshops so you will have to ask your children to tell you the story…

A huge thank you to all the parents for finding the time to join us this week, it is always such a pleasure to spend the morning together and for your children to invite you into our world. The children were definitely delighted to share the forest with their parents, showing them around, making their favourite concoctions in the mud kitchen and encouraging them to climb the trees. It is great to see the children so confident in explaining their day-to-day activities along with ensuring that their parents were following the ‘forest rules’.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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