Wimbledon - Summer hours


The clocks may have changed a few weeks ago but with the introduction of Little Forest Folk summer hours we feel the season has officially now changed!

As of Monday 6th June, we have moved onto our summer timetable. Thanks to the extended daylight and warmer weather, from June to September/October we are able to play out in the forest a lot longer every day.

For those of you with sessional children, they will still be walked out of the forest for 3.30pm as usual so no change for you.

For the full day children, we will remain in the forest and have our dinner brought to us in the forest, then will leave the forest at approximately 5pm. We will be back at the scout hall for approximately 5.15pm-5.30pm every day ready for you to collect your little ones. 

How exciting to have extended days in the forest, doing what the children love best - playing simply in nature. Here's to a great summer!