Another lovely week in the forest

What a lovely week. The temperatures have picked back up again and we've had lots of lovely sunshine to accompany the early signs of Autumn in the forest.


We've read some new stories this week that the children have loved. We've read Supertato then have played lots of potato themed games, then have had lots of fun with teddy stories which we used as a springboard to make and hide forest teddies and then loved watching the children throw themselves into a teddy bear hunt in the forest!

It's been a good week for construction with lots of our experienced children showing off their kindness and social skills by helping our new starters to learn all about the wonderful architectural wonders they can create with sticks, mud, imagination and effort. We've had houses for animals, fences for vegetable gardens and much more.


In addition to our usual climbing, running and digging we've also been treated to some impromptu concerts in the woods where the children have found various sticks and resources and have banged and sung away to their hearts content!

Little Forest Folk