Wandsworth - Toasting on the Campfire

Our Week in the Forest... 

Over at Paradise over the last few weeks we’ve had lots of opportunities for learning about how to light, stay safe and have fun round a camp fire and our Little forest Folkers are taking it all in their stride! This week though we took the opportunity (in the warm sunshine) to prepare some food for cooking on the fire and the children squished, squeezed and kneaded their way to making the perfect dough! Although the kneading of the dough was a popular activity in itself, we then showed the children how they could shape their dough into a bread stick as we twisted it round our skewers. Some of our creative little team even adapted it to make pitta and flat breads too! After toasting it safely on the fire we all concluded it tasted incredible - just like the crust of a pizza from Pizza Express! Next time we might even add the garlic butter dip…

Wand 29.03.jpg

Over at the Windmill this week it has been lovely to stand back and observe the friendships growing between the children and how they initiate their play together. Whether in couples, small or large groups the children have flourished in their confidence and we are seeing them show incredible empathy and kindness towards one another. Offering to push one another on a swing, inviting a friend to help them decorate their mud cake with stones or to help someone wash the mud from their hands, we are so proud of these lovely intimate gestures we witness between them. As we near Easter weekend the children relished a rainy day egg hunt this week and couldn’t believe the magical effects of finding REAL eggs hidden in branches, down rabbit holes and nestled in the leaves. These beady eyes will be ready for some searching come Sunday morning! Have a very lovely Easter weekend!

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Little Forest Folk