Wandsworth - Building dens

Our Week in the Forest... 

Sadly, the beautiful snowy landscapes have melted away into our memories for another year. The warmer weather, however, has brought with it a new surge of excitement from the children. We have seen how they have engaged more deeply in their play and stay with an activity for an increased amount of time - wonderful!
The first day back in the forest was a magical day for everyone, it was as if being re-united with an old friend who was full of life and vitality. The children spent the morning re-engaging with the whole environment around them, from looking under logs to find mini-beasts, climbing up the spider webs and building dens under the big holly bush. A trend that we have really noticed recently is how the children have been examining the world around them in small but changing groups. It shows to us as teachers how happy the children are playing with all their peers. It also proves how far the children have developed in their time with us, that they can now lead their own learning through their own play.
Tuesday was the start of our external adventures for the week. Off we went to our local inner city farm - Deen City Farm. The children absolutely loved visiting their favourite animals. Mimicking the cockerels and chickens, following the snowy barn owl Edna fly up and down and feeding the cows and sheep their delicious grassy treats! Once again, the snow came down and the children (and educators!) started frolicking around in the snowflakes. We were so lucky to also have an indoor space as a base for our Little Farm Folkers. Even though we were running around and having fun in the snow after an hour outside the children were ready to return inside for snack time and warm, mulled apple juice!

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A major theme for the week has been 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. After reading the story at lunch time the children became enraptured by Jack and his magic beans! We talked about exploring the woods to see if we could find the farmer so that we can buy some more of his magic beans. This sparked an interest in the children's eyes and off we went thundering through the woods to find him. All of a sudden, we stumbled across a sparkling package hanging from a tree. "Wait, what's that?", one child said. No, could it be?! The magic beans! We had found them! We hunted high and low until everyone had a precious glinting bean. The children astonished us with their empathy as they independently chose to share and make sure all their friends had one to hold on to. Most children decided to keep them safe whilst others chose to plant them in our base site. We will have to check back next week and see how many beanstalks have grown!
We hope that you all have a lovely sunny weekend!

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Little Forest Folk