Wandsworth - Fire engines!

Our Week in the Forest... 

As the changing of term continues it has been very sad to say goodbye to some our long serving forest friends, but we are excited to see how they take the school world by storm using their natural communication, expression and problem-solving skills that have been so carefully nurtured and developed through their time with us here at Little Forest Folk Wandsworth. Just as exciting are the new friends joining that have been welcomed with open arms by our wonderful Little Forest Folk-ers!
This week we have once again kept our resources low in the forest and have continued to be amazed by the children’s ability to adapt and create from what they see around them. They have turned the logs found on the floor into a series of different real-life situations.
We have heard Fire Engine sirens bouncing around the trees, coming to rescue the forest from the blazing fire! Using bark phones that our Little Forest Folk-ers have created, they are able to dial ‘999 emergency’ alerting the relevant authorities to the danger close by.

The multi-utility vehicle then magically adapted into an ambulance/A+E emergency clinic where the children loved to play sick and be fixed up by the doctors in the forest. This encouraged imaginative group play, creativity, listening and understanding.

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It has been really noticeable since the start of term how much the children trust and respect each other in the forest. Now that we provide less man-made resources the children show fantastic understanding and empathy of one other. Regulating amongst themselves that every child has an equal opportunity in play.
Finally, we have introduced our "tree a week" project. This focusses on educating the children all about a different tree each week – this will enable the children to gather substantial knowledge of the forest around them so that they can start to understand more about their environment. This week we have been looking at Oak trees. Each morning we read a story that Amy wrote about the history of the oak tree, we then challenge and educate the children on adventure walks as to what makes an Oak tree unique. Please can you also take the time to ask your children about identifying Oak trees when you are out and about with them. We will let you know what tree we decide to observe next week!

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