Wandsworth - Friends in a frame

Our Week in the Forest... 

As our new friends settle brilliantly in the forest, the children are starting to take ownership of the environment around them. We have been exploring different ways of moving, communicating and exploring new textures. The children have also taken it upon themselves to create new areas for their favourite activities.

We now have our full cohort of children in the forest, all our new children have settled wonderfully thanks to our amazing educators here at Wandsworth. However, most credit must go to our experienced Little Forest Folk-ers who have shown a level of nurture and care far beyond their years. Helping their new friends understand the rules especially the rainbow ribbons by reminding them when nearby and guiding the younger ones over to the circle for snacks and story times.

Wandsworth 13.09.2019 Collage11.jpeg

A lot of our friends have been using their gross motor skills to manoeuvre the environment around them. A small group took the opportunity to create a den using large logs. Creating a basic "A frame" structure over a suspended rope, the children showed great communication and teamwork to create the “forest house”, before taking it in turns to crawl through the tunnel house on their bellies. The Jaybirds of the group then took the time to document the actions of others by filming and taking photographs.

Our young explorers were also challenged to create new areas for their activities. Today all twenty children worked together using sticks, spades and other tools to dig and burrow a new dinosaur river on the opposite side of the camp. All the children thrived at mucking in together to create something that all could play with. There is nothing more important than explorative play with other and a huge great smile on your face!

Have a wonderful weekend everybody and see you again next week!

Wandsworth 13.09.2019 Collage2.jpeg

Little Forest Folk