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Our Week in the Forest... 

The forest has been as wild as ever this week! We have been blessed with some lovely days that warmed us up and allowed the children to really get into some water play. In Paradise on Monday, the children loved playing with the guttering that hung from the trees, creating a mini water world for them to explore. There was lots of problem solving between the children to figure out the best way to get the water into the system and where they needed to place buckets at the bottom to collect the water again. We are looking forward to more delightful days to splash around some more!
In Paradise and the Windmill site alike, the children have been imaginative as ever! Between the sun rays beaming down into the forest, the children have been slaying giant dragons, and defeating grizzly giants. We took this opportunity to create some bow-and-arrows, axes, swords, and other tools all from found forest materials, to help the children conquer the beasts in their play. This has been such a great opportunity to discuss responsible tool etiquette, as well as to include props into their imaginative play to bring it all to life.

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We have also noticed a great interest in painting and drawing lately, whether it’s on paper, the ground, or on the children’s faces. Some children have been really interested in looking at a picture and putting their own personal twist on it. The children have also been taking their artistic talents to the sand and have been quite engaged in drawing pictures and shapes on the ground for all to see. And, in case you haven’t noticed, the children have been loving the face paint recently! From dogs to dinosaurs, princesses to pirates, the children have been requesting designs of all sorts to put them into character for the rest of the day.
The warm weather has been welcomed by our Little Forest Folk-ers with open arms, and we are looking forward to the sunny days to come. We hope you enjoy your weekend and that it is full of wonder and wildness!

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