Wandsworth - Jumping in Puddles!

Our Week in the Forest... 

We’ve had a lovely week welcoming back lots of faces who left us in September to head off to school, and it has taken them no time to fit straight back in. It's been so lovely to see how the older children have returned, full of lots of new knowledge they have gained and are excited to share. Mixed aged learning in the forest is extremely interesting to watch, the older children cementing their learning through teaching the younger children, and the younger children growing in their own confidence through watching older children accomplish tasks with ease.

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The highlight of our week has been the pumpkin treasure hunt, set up by the educational team at the Windmill. The children had to walk through the forest, following signs while looking out for pumpkins hiding up trees, in bushes or behind benches. Not only did they have to find the pumpkins, but they then had to make a note of the letter on each of them before trying to figure out what the two Halloween related words might be. The children excitedly found the pumpkins before we all discussed what letter was on it, what sound it made and what words we could think of that began with that letter. By the end of the hunt we had found all ten pumpkins and letters. Can you figure out what the two Halloween themed words could be?
T   I   H   H   T   G   C   W   O   S
Following the children’s interests always mean you’re never quite sure where the learning will take you. You would think everything would have been Halloween themed this month, however other than our pumpkin treasure hunt it rarely featured. The children were much more interested in birds this week; we made nests, eggs and model birds. They role-played being mummy, daddy and baby birds, discussed the difference between, chicks, fledglings and adult birds and used our binoculars to look for birds in the trees and skies.
We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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