Wandsworth - Kite Flying

Our Week in the Forest... 

What a creative week in the forest we’ve had! The children have been fully engaged in role play that has connected our forest base to the surrounding forest. We have been lucky enough to take explorations straight from the meeting point, that has acted as a provocation for the children’s imaginations!
At Paradise, we had a really blustery day, that as ever, we used to our advantage. We decided to make kites to help visualise how strong the wind is. Using their scissor and knot-tying skills the children held onto their kites and ran into the wind. Not satisfied with this, two children decided that having the string tied to their finger was a much more efficient method of flying the kite around the site. Once again, we wanted to improve our kites and tied our kites to the end of long sticks so that we could hold them higher in the air and “catch the wind more!”.

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Every day this week that we’ve headed to the Windmill we have started our day with an adventure walk which has been inspired by a short story, letter or a map. Following the clues, the children worked together to navigate their way through the forest and find their base camp. On the way, there have been markers and trinkets that lead us to a special place. We have found these mini exploration walks at the start of the day have inspired the children to further their creative role play as a group.
On Tuesday, the children were given a letter that told them a big bird had flown into the forest and dropped her eggs by accident. “Can you follow the pink ribbons to find my eggs?” the letter read. The children were experts at following the pink ribbons on a snaking route through the forest. At the end of the trail they found a cluster of eggs (balloons) all tucked up in a tree nest. The children were fascinated and talked about birds throughout morning snack, noticing every robin flying past. Throughout the day we found dedicated Mummy and Daddy birds perched up high in the tree nestling down on their eggs keeping them warm. These dedicated parents were feeding the baby hatchlings and teaching them how to take their first fight! 
It has been another wonderful week in the forest and we hope you have a lovely weekend!

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Little Forest Folk