Wandsworth - Snow flurries

Our Week in the Forest... 

The Beast from the East has struck with a real force through the course of this week. We have had some really beautiful weather - charming snow flurries, with bright blue skies. However we have also experienced sub -zero temperatures throughout the whole week inducing treacherous conditions at times because of the ice and spine chilling wind making it feel more like -10C. Here at Wandsworth, we always priotise the safety and enjoyment of your children. So, into action came our contingency plans to be able provide warm yet interesting and new spaces for the children to visit, whilst still being close to an outdoor space to enjoy most of the snowy weather! As a result it has been a fantastically enjoyable week for children and educators alike!
We started the week without snow on the ground, but yet when we arrived the words on everybody’s lips were, “Will it snow today?”. It wasn’t long before our questions were answered and we had a big old flurry of snow. The children arrived to a lovely warm yurt with smoke billowing out of the chimney. Inside the children were interesting in reading stories, and singing songs around the fire. As soon as we saw the snow coming down again we raced outside with our gloves and hats on and started catching the snow on our tongues and in buckets! It was incredibly exciting to be watching the snow settle on the ground and the very large snowflakes floating magically through the air.
Tuesday was the start of our external adventures for the week. Off we went to our local inner city farm - Deen City Farm. The children absolutely loved visiting their favourite animals. Mimicking the cockerels and chickens, following the snowy barn owl Edna fly up and down and feeding the cows and sheep their delicious grassy treats! Once again, the snow came down and the children (and educators!) started frolicking around in the snowflakes. We were so lucky to also have an indoor space as a base for our Little Farm Folkers. Even though we were running around and having fun in the snow after an hour outside the children were ready to return inside for snack time and warm, mulled apple juice!

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On Wednesday we were lucky enough to travel to the Tate Britain art gallery. We split the group into two smaller groups. Half went to the gallery and half stayed at the bowling club. The group at Tate Britain, maps in hands and gleeful cries of excitement, were most taken with the sculptures by Henry Moore. The children spent over half an hour drawing their own interpretations of his sculptures - particularly the ones which depicted a family - as these scenes were very familiar to them. More snowball fights and chases in the afternoon!
Thursday was a day well spent at the bowling club, activities a plenty and smiles on all faces. We made the solar system, played drawing games, made sandwiches and playdough and enjoyed the snow and the bitterly cold wind howling outside! It was safe to say that no-one wanted to go home.
The children have been able to channel their love of the outdoors and excitement of the snow into smaller sessions to manage their temperatures and enjoyment this week. It has been a wonderfully memorable week for all the right reasons! We can’t wait to get back to the forest next week!

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Little Forest Folk