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Our Week in the Forest... 

It has been another lovely week in the forest. As the children grow and develop their skills, we are passing more responsibilities onto them. We have also spent a lot of the week working on mixed motor skills, as well as searching for wildlife in our local lake. 

We have introduced a new self-registration scheme in the forest. We have designed our own registration board as well as word cookies with each child’s name on. The challenge for the children each morning is to recognise the letters on the cookies, and then transform the letters into sounds. Each child is then responsible for their own name cookie as they hang them up on the registration board. They have grown with the responsibility and any child who has struggled has been helped by one of our older children. Additionally, we have added a daily update chalk board, where we talk about the weather, day of the week and the number of children sitting around the circle. 

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Over the weekend one of our children saw a pike in our local lake. As a result, the children have been fascinated in catching their own glimpse of the mysterious fish. This has brought on discussions about wild sea creatures, which culminated in a story written by one of the children called “the big grey fish” which the children decided to act out. 

Stick weaving has been a popular activity this week. In the morning, a weave of ropes were tied up between two trees. Throughout the day this encouraged the children to collect their own sticks and weave them along and up through the pattern. By the end of each day in the forest it created a beautiful display of the days forest. 

Have a lovely Easter break everyone! 

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