Wimbledon - 3-2-1 Blast Off!

Our Week in the Forest...

If you happened to see any UFO’s in the local area this week, that may be as a result of Barnes and Wimbledon teaming up with STEAM. Co for a fantastic Rocket Day. Science, Technology, Engineering Art and Maths all came together as children explored how these have helped shape our world today due to creative people being allowed to think outside the box. The children loved making their own and enjoyed taking in turns to launch their rockets which became the biggest highlight of the day. We certainly feel ready next week should children want to explore this interest further and see if they too can think outside the box when it comes to rocket design!

Wimbledon 27:07:2018 1.JPG

We have had great fun with the holiday campers this week and the role play areas have remained popular. We have seen a range of hospital wards, fire engines and restaurants capture the children’s imaginations as they use the loose parts within the forest as props within their dramatic play. One day the role play area was even turned into a school and with many of our older children getting ready for school this September it has helped remind all the educators how important play is in helping children prepare for big transitions in their lives. It has also made many of us here at Little Forest Folk feel a little sad we will only have these children for a short while longer, yet even more determined to enjoy everything they bring to our days in the forest while we can!

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