Wimbledon - Adventure Walks

Our Week in the Forest...

Adventure walks: On Wednesday, a group of children went on a long adventure walk with Katherine, Jenny and Sam. They walked over the ‘Troll Bridge’, luckily managing to sneak past the troll and kept walking until they came across a very large log pile house! This instigated some imaginative play and also brought about a fresh desire to collect sticks to take back to the site with us. There were lots of murmurings about how the sticks could be used to make a fire so we decided to pursue this interest further.
Fires: We are continuing with this favourite theme of the children’s, and they are getting very good at remembering the three elements required to build a fire (oxygen, fuel and heat). Since we were out collecting sticks earlier in the week we thought it would be good to introduce the terms, ‘fast burning’ and ‘deadwood’, to support their understanding of what good fuel for the fire looks like. We then went and collected the appropriate materials together before building a beautiful fire! 

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Seesaws: On Wednesday, we encouraged the children to build their own seesaw! We offered a little support but the children collaborated beautifully to work out how to balance the plank and had a really good attempt at tying rope in knots around the parts to stabilise it. Great for developing those fine motor skills!
Pulley system: Sam created a pulley system on Thursday, which sent a bucket up high into a tree! In order to give the children some purpose for transporting sticks/bark/leaves, Stephanie and Virginia took turns to climb the tree to gratefully receive the deliveries. They were instructed to use all the natural resources being sent their way to construct a bird’s nest high up in the tree!

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Little Forest Folk