Wimbledon - Deck the halls with...

Our Week in the Forest...

“Deck the halls with.... homemade Forest Folk Christmas Decorations!”. The weather in the forest has been crisp and dry and the children have been requesting to use the saws this week. With the help of their educators, they sawed tree cookies and then discussed what they wanted to do with them. Many wanted to make Christmas tree decorations and so they also used the hand drills to make a hole in their cookie and tied some string through so that the decoration can hang with splendour. This is no easy task when you have little hands and the educators have been so impressed with the children’s perseverance and ‘can do’ attitudes.

Back at the scout hut, the children wanted to continue their projects and began to decoupage their decoration with pieces of Christmas wrapping paper and glitter glue. What really stood out for the Big Forest Folk was the children’s excitement to gift the decoration to someone special “mine is for my daddy”, “My mummy will love it” and “mine is for my sister”.

Wimbledon 1.jpeg

The children have also loved their adventure walks this week - they found a tree that had lots of ‘snappy’ branches and the children recognised that this meant the tree was dead which would make perfect firewood. Thus, began a team effort to fill a sack to the brim with kindling. The hard work paid off the next day when they had a roaring fire and enjoyed toasting their bread rolls to have with their soup!

Wimbledon 2.jpeg

Little Forest Folk