Wimbledon - Dinosaur fun!

Our Week in the Forest...

Roar! The dinosaurs have returned into Fishpond Woods this week. The children decided early in the week that they were “going to the past” and imagined themselves as little dinosaurs hatching from their eggs. Eating leaves, plants and making caves from the pallets, completed the dinosaur lifestyle and as for the poor mole-hills, they were well and truly stomped by the children’s large dinosaur feet! Alongside this we had lots of dinosaurs and their noises entering the children’s songs at snack and lunchtime.

Wimbledon   20:10:2017   1.jpeg

The forest doesn’t have any permanent features or children’s play equipment that is so readily available in parks and other nurseries. However, that doesn’t mean that part of them can’t be made in the forest. Using simple resources (a tree and a plank of wood), a slide has drawn a lot of attention from the children and has seen many challenging themselves on it. A conventional slide isn’t the most difficult pieces of apparatus but ours had no ladder to get to the top so the children had to climb the slide itself. Developing their climbing skills, this made a brilliant obstacle for the children with the best reward at the end – sliding down on your belly!

Wimbledon   20:10:2017   2.jpeg

Have a lovely weekend!

Little Forest Folk