Wimbledon - Family story time

Our Week in the Forest...

This week we have been lucky with some glorious weather and luckier still to have parents come for Stay and Play in the forest.

The parents have all brought their own unique energy to the children's play and we had a very cool looking dinosaur running through the meadow looking for child-size burgers to feast on. The children were ecstatic to be chased and it wasn't long before the tables were turned and the children were chasing the dinosaur!
We had one parent come and make some delicious imaginary pancakes and helped the children flip them high into the air and catch them in the pan before mixing up some not so imaginary 'mud paint' which went down a treat at the mark making area.

One of the children's favourite stories features a dog on a log, but have you ever seen a granny on a log? No? We have this week when one grandmother helped her granddaughter who was sawing with Spike and the smile on the child's face when she was finished was evidence that she had loved nothing more than having her very own granny on a log cheering her on the whole time!

Wimbledon 12:07:2019 1.jpeg

I couldn't imagine our children at Wimbledon being able to love story time more, yet you present them with someone's mummy or daddy and a pile of books and the reading area becomes more popular than ever! Some of our storytellers have reclined with a group of Little Forest Folk-ers sprawled out beside them, gazing up at the book while others have perched on stumps with crowds of smiling faces hanging off their every word, but educators have suspected that regardless of their approach, the parents have loved the reading experience just as much as the children have.

One parent helped children use a wagon, and together they collected some larger logs and they built a large car in the mud kitchen complete with roll back tarpaulin roof. Transportation appeared to be a running theme with some of the parents’ imaginary play this week! Another parent joined in on an adventure walk to the climbing tree and with a touch of magic the tree became a regal ship with sails that plumed high into the sky.

For those of you that could attend, can we say a massive thank you for all the creative energy you brought into the forest this week, not only for your child but for all the other adoring fans who loved having you there!

Have a great weekend everyone and see you all next week!

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Little Forest Folk