Wimbledon - Fixing, Carrying, Stacking and Pushing

Our Week in the Forest...

Fixing, carrying, stacking, pushing: building has been a very important activity for all of the little forest folk this week. It has encouraged some wonderful teamwork with 6 or more children working altogether to lift a pallet over to an unfinished pirate ship! Making pirate ships has involved the bulk of the resources but there have been some imaginative extras to the children’s designs: a pair of children constructed a gigantic helicopter with rotating blades; a team of three set up a large seesaw which became a great spot for children to test their balance and show off a little to the others when they could stay on when both sides of the top plank were off the ground!
The craft station has been thoroughly used this week with different activities engaging the children to make some unusual arty creations. Flags flew one day this week with the children getting to grips with a hole-punch, string and the colouring pencils and crayons. One flag depicted the route to “Nana’s house” which seemed fantastically difficult to follow but was explained with ease by the creator. The glue was brought out too, which provided the children with opportunity to make beautiful natural pictures, finding selections of sticks, multi-coloured leaves and stones to decorate their paper with.

Wimbledon  06:10:2017  1.jpg

The outside world encroached upon our forest this week as the children imagined themselves in real world situations. Being monkeys in a zoo was a very fun imaginative session. However, the monkeys didn’t stay long in the zoo and they were soon escaping onto an aeroplane bound for Africa and their long lost homes! Those in the business for more serious imaginative play donned their scrubs and grabbed a stethoscope, or strip of bark, to come to the aid of the big forest folk that had somehow become very ill in the forest. Operations were completed on the meadow but patients were otherwise treated very well and seemed to recover from their troubles in a matter of minutes! These children could be the next generation for the NHS!

Wimbledon  06:10:2017  2.jpg

Have a lovely weekend!

Little Forest Folk