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Our Week in the Forest...

Another glorious week of sunshine for us in the forest! 
Early in the week, following on from interests in ‘how things grow’ and all the wild flowers appearing on site, we conducted a planting activity. Xiao brought in a little planter with some soil, seeds and digging utensils and the children absolutely loved it! They planted seeds, discussed the life cycle of the plant and some had a go at writing labels so that we can identify the plants once they have grown. 

Wimbledon 18:05:2018 1.PNG

At the children’s request, we have been on a few adventures walks this week. First, we went down to the river, or as the children call it ‘the beach’! It was a lovely, warm day so the children thoroughly enjoyed having a little splash about in the cool water. We anticipate many more trips here over the coming months! On Thursday, we went to find a pond so that we could collect some pondweed and pond water. Some children have got tadpoles at home so they were going to take this home in a jar with them!
On Wednesday, we had a fire in the forest! The children spent the morning gathering up good sticks for the fire, and sorted them into size order. After lunch, we set about building the fire before preparing food to cook on it. We had toasted ‘dessert sandwiches’ which were filled with bananas and strawberries! Yum!

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Little Forest Folk