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Our Week in the Forest...

And just like that, it is the start of a new school year! This week we are so happy to welcome all of the new children and their families. The settling period can be difficult, but the forest holds an element of magic and I have no doubt that in time, each and every child will feel excited to come to nursery each day!

We have been observing some beautiful friendships forming this week. The children have begun to make bonds that will excite them to continue returning to the forest each week. They will allow the children to develop their social interactions and work together to achieve their common goals. We will foster these friendships through group learning and continue to offer the children a variety of tools to communicate successfully with their peers.

With some beautiful sunny weather, we have found ourselves on the meadow this week enjoying the sunshine and breeze. We have been busy drawing, reading books, whittling, making mud and perhaps most popular, building dens to play in.

Wimbledon 06:09:2019 1.jpeg

In base camp the children have practiced their tree climbing skills and the older children have enjoyed showing the new children the best methods in doing so. It is so lovely to see the dynamics of the group change, as the younger children are now the older children and wear this responsibility with pride. We love to observe them take the younger children by their hands and offer them guidance, support and direction. Here is where we see the beauty of mixed aged groups.

As the forest continuously changes before us, blackberries lessen, leaves begin to change colour, puddles appear and disappear, we find consistent wonder in the nature around us. We look forward to sharing this with all of our new Little Forest Folk-ers and learn together about our amazing outdoor environment.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend, see you next week!

“Childhood friendship is the most beautiful memory that can never be replaced or lost” Anonymous.

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Little Forest Folk