Wimbledon - “Eagles coming, eagles coming!”

Our Week in the Forest...

Welcome old friends and new, the forest can’t wait to see you!
The holidays are here and the sun is out! What a beautiful week it has been to have old and new friends joining us in Fishponds Wood. Everything has been geared around our feathered friends, which the children have responded brilliantly too. Bird themed games have been a real highlight, as well as making a giant bird, adults and children together. In addition, the children have had amazing fun with our new mud kitchen and water play equipment.
“Eagles coming, eagles coming!” were the many delighted cries from around the forest most days this week. This exciting new game involves the children collecting wiggly worms (short lengths of string) before the eagle (the designated child) can catch them! To help the children get into character as the eagle when it became their turn, they collected sticks to use as extra big wings. If you have some spare string at home, this could be an excellent game to play next time you’re in the garden or out at the park. Just be careful the eagle doesn’t catch you!

Making use of the abundance of natural resources is something we’re always keen to do at Little Forest Folk and building things is a great way for the children to explore our environment to gather the materials they need. The construction of a large bird in this way was of great interest to the children and spurred their creativity into associated other projects. While the bird was under construction, other children decided that a human sized nest would be good fun to make and so set about constructing their own large nest, which could take a lovely little brood of 4 or 5 children.
“Here’s your tea.” “I’m making pie.” “It’s tea time!” Is it wrong to indulge in so many delicious cups of tea before you’ve even had lunch? The children’s culinary creativity was certainly turned up to high with a huge boost to our mud kitchen supplies. Tea pots were a big hit with many children, and I’m sure after this week the adults will be full to bursting with all the tea they’ve had to drink. Other’s opted for traditional mud treats such as pies and cakes but it has been a great help having lots of wooden spoons to stir their mixtures with.
This week saw the final mindfulness session in the evening. The children have engaged well with the activities and we’ve been left with some lovely resources so that we can continue to involve the children in mindfulness in the future.

We hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy the Spring-like feel in the air.

Little Forest Folk